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Exercise and Movement

Buderim Private Hospital’s Reconditioning program following weight loss surgery is an outpatient treatment program designed to help people achieve optimal results following bariatric surgery.

Following your weight loss surgery, you have the opportunity to undertake a reconditioning program which will provide important information regarding diet, exercise and behaviour change. By participating in this program, you will improve your weight loss results and receive strategies and tools to assist you to live a healthier life.

The reconditioning program has been developed with the primary aim of providing you with the best possible chance of successfully losing weight and maintaining your weight loss following metabolic/gastric surgery. The multidisciplinary team will guide you through individualised exercise sessions as well as dietary and psychology consultations. The program is once weekly for six weeks and starts approx. 4 weeks post operatively.

You will see an exercise physiologist who will develop and take you through structured exercise sessions each week which progress at your rate of improvement. You will also have individual dietician and psychology sessions to provide you with education on healthy eating both post-surgery and long term, in addition to creating positive behaviours and habits regarding food.

This is a unique opportunity for our SCMWLC patients, who have their surgery at Buderim Private Hospital.

Program Benefits

✔  Weight Loss
✔  Improved Cardiovascular fitness
✔  Improved strength and mobility
✔  Reduced risk of chronic disease
✔  Healthy eating habits
✔  Healthy relationships with food
✔  Education on sustainable exercise, diet and behaviour change
✔  Confidence in maintain long term weight goals


Buderim Private Hospital has agreements with most private health funds and is eligible for funding through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA). If you have any concerns regarding your health fund cover, please contact your health fund to clarify out-of-pocket expenses.

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