Make the move to mindfulness

By Kishani Turner


For most it is long journey to the point of considering or undertaking bariatric surgery. Many feel like they have failed having exhausted every diet or weight loss measure. Others have given up exhausted by monitoring their weight, intake & exercise, let alone the plethora of confusing information.

If only it were as simple as energy (food & drink= calories) in VS energy (exercise) out. This is what the weight loss/exercise industry would have us believe and how some consider bariatric surgery (less in). With the implication that it’s your fault or lack of will power that limits your success. The truth is that there are missing pieces to this equation.

If you are like most people who make the major decision to undertake bariatric surgery you intend on having a successful outcome and to do what it takes.

It is important to address why losing weight or maintaining weight loss has been difficult- bariatric surgery does not magically make these go away!

You will have heard the catch phrase “ bariatric surgery is a tool”.

Here at Sunshine Coast Medical Weight Loss Centre we believe Bariatric surgery is a tool to mindfulness.

Mindfulness is commonly thrown around but what does it mean? Mindfulness is a Buddhist tradition which has been adopted & adapted over time. Mindfulness is deliberately paying attention non- judgementally. It helps us disengage from habitual behaviours.

Ah , yes…. but what does that mean I hear you say?

In short- “ If you always do what you always did, then you always get what you always got”