An Omega-Loop Gastric bypass is a procedure (also known as a Mini-Bypass) is a procedure where the stomach is divided into two sections, creating a smaller stomach pouch, then the first part of the small intestine is bypassed, reducing the amount that can be absorbed. Essentially, the operation aims to reduce the amount of food you can eat (due to the smaller stomach pouch) as well as reduce the number of calories that are absorbed from the food you eat (due to bypassing the first part of the small intestine).

Like any bariatric surgery, single anastomosis gastric bypass is indicated when obesity endangers your health, eating habits are difficult to control and significant weight loss is not achieved through diet and exercise. To succeed long term, you will have to make permanent eating habit and lifestyle changes. The Omega Loop Bypass is a tool that will help to restrict how much you eat and control hunger; it will not change what you eat and by itself, is not a cure for obesity. Lifelong dietary behaviour modification is necessary to ensure both an adequate nutritional status and long-term weight loss success.

The gastric bypass operation is performed under general anaesthesia. The procedure may be performed by open surgery (making a large incision) or a laparoscopically, which involves making 3 to 4 small incisions through which a camera and small instruments are introduced. Your stomach is first stapled so that a pouch is created separate from the rest of your stomach. With single anastomosis gastric bypass, the pouch is connected (anastomosed) after the duodenum without making a division in the intestine. Following the procedure, your incisions are closed.

As with any surgical procedure, a single anastomosis gastric bypass may be associated with risks such as infection, bile reflux and nutritional deficiency.

Gastric Bypass

Ask Sunshine Coast Medical Weight Loss Centre about Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass surgery is a procedure that helps you lose weight by reducing the size of your stomach to limit how much you can eat and the amount of nutrients you can absorb. There are many different types of weight-loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, but Gastric Bypass is the most extreme of the surgeries, due to the malabsorption component.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Bariatric Surgery

When you have weight-loss surgery, you want to do everything you can to get the best possible results. You can get the most out of your procedure by:

  • Knowing when to call your doctor. Follow your doctor’s instructions regarding when to call, such as if you cannot keep fluids down, develop a fever, feel short of breath, or notice that you are suddenly bruising very easily.
  • Avoiding liquid calories. You will be able to consume only a limited number of calories after your surgery, so don’t spend them on liquids with little to no nutritional value. Also, carbonated beverages can cause gas pain and pressure in your stomach that’s harmful to your stitches or staples.
  • Listening to your body. Learn to understand your new, smaller stomach’s signals. Don’t eat when you aren’t hungry or just because the clock says it’s time to eat.
  • Exercising regularly. As soon as you can – and your doctor approves – start exercising. Even moderate walking will encourage weight loss and help prevent complications such as blood clots.
  • Eating mindfully. Avoid eating while watching TV or browsing the Internet. Instead, pay attention to what you’re eating, focusing on enjoying each bite and stopping when you’re no longer hungry.

What Sets Sunshine Coast Medical Weight Loss Centre Apart Regarding Bariatric Surgery

If you are considering weight-loss surgery, you want to make sure that you choose an experienced, skilled surgeon to give you the safest procedure and the best results. When you choose Sunshine Coast Medical Weight Loss Centre, you can be confident that you’re in good hands. Some of the things that set us apart include:

  • Experienced surgeons. Our surgeons are highly trained and have extensive experience performing a range of weight-loss procedures.
  • Friendly staff. We’ll do everything we can to help you feel comfortable and put your mind at ease about your procedure.
  • Ongoing support. We work with our patients long-term to ensure that they continue to lose weight and stay healthy in the months following their surgery.

We take a team approach to help our patients achieve the healthy weight they’ve always wanted.

Why Gastric Bypass Surgery Is Cost-Effective

Being severely overweight is expensive. Considering the cost of medical bills associated with conditions caused by obesity, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and the cost of doctor visits and medications these patients need, it’s easy to see that weight-loss surgery is well worth the investment for most patients. At Sunshine Coast Medical Weight Loss Centre, we love helping our patients improve their health and quality of life. Contact us today to learn more.