Revisional surgery for bariatric patients is needed, whether the patient has had a band, a sleeve or a bypass. Redo or revisional surgery is always more complicated than the initial surgery because of obviously changes to the organs with scar tissue present and often requires further investigation and consultation with the patient. Sometimes revisional surgery is needed after time as patients tend to drift away from their initial involvement with the operation, redeveloped bad habits and develop weight gain and need to look at another bariatric surgical operation. This is not considered a failure, rather a speed bump in the road and revisional surgery often involves reconnecting with the patient, with the dietitian and the surgeon and assessing whether revisional surgery is likely to produce an outcome that is going to benefit them.

In general, between 10% and 30% of patients having any type of weight loss surgery will end up needing later surgery to treat complications or weight regain. One of the main ways to avoid this is to attend regular follow to ensure that behaviours, strategies and eating choices remain good.

With revisional surgery the risks and complications can be higher than with primary bariatric surgery, but it is considered by our team to be another step in the journey if this needs to be performed. Obviously, our main aim is that one operation is the desirable outcome to produce long term lasting and effective results. However, as mentioned this does not always guarantee a complication free recovery after surgery or guarantee weight loss that is going to be sustainable.