Bariatric Consultant

Nicola has worked in the medical industry, predominately in general practice, both as a receptionist and as a practice manager since completing her Diploma in Practice Management in 2012. Nicola joined the team with Dr Baxter in November 2021 as the Bariatric Consultant.

Nicola became a patient of Dr Baxter’s in 2016 after making the decision to have weight loss surgery. She brings her own experience to this position and is happy to openly discuss her surgery and how it has changed her life. She is very passionate about the process and loves the fact that she can help people on their own weight loss journey.

Nicola moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2011 with her husband and enjoys shopping, exploring markets and going to the movies.

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Nicola underwent weight loss surgery in 2016 and is passionate about answering all you need to know about reshaping your body and your life with bariatrics.

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