Dr Ian Baxter was one of the first Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgeons on the Sunshine Coast. With over 20 years experience, he has performed over 3,500 procedures.

Over the years, Dr Baxter has developed a strong team who are passionate about helping enhance their patients’ quality of life,  encouraging a positive mindset and promoting an improved lifestyle to become the best version of themselves.

With a comprehensive approach provided Dr Baxter’s team of Dietitians, Psychologists and Bariatric GP’s, patients are supported from the beginning of their weight loss journey and well into the future.


Join us for a ZOOM seminar with Dr Ian Baxter, one of our Bariatric dietitians, one of our psychologists and a past patient. Get your questions answered and find our if bariatric surgery is right for you.

Wednesday 11th November 6:00PM

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