Preparing for your medical weight loss procedure

The bariatric surgical process need not be confusing or scary. Once you’ve met the Sunshine Coast Medical Weight Loss Centre Team, had your blood test and barium swallow, we have received all your results and decided on which procedure you will be having, your surgery date will be set and pre-operative appointments arranged.

At all times through this phase and beyond, if you have any questions or concerns simply get in touch with the Centre. Dr Ian Baxter and our experienced team are with you every step of the way.

Your pre-op appointments will include;

  • a bariatric consultation to review the paperwork, have an opportunity to ask further questions face-to-face, receive your bariatric pack and schedule your post-op appointments
  • seeing your dietitian again, usually 2-3 weeks prior to the procedure, to discuss your pre-surgery diet
  • an appointment with Dr Baxter to answer any questions and sign your consent form.

If you are a smoker, it is highly recommended for you to stop smoking prior to bariatric surgery (and preferably forever) to reduce the risk of any complications. If you’d like to better understand these risks, simply contact one of our team members.

The fortnight prior to surgery

Your bariatric surgery pre-op diet

You will be required to commence a very low energy diet (VLED) 7-14 days prior to surgery, which has two main benefits:

  1. It will help to trigger your body to begin to lose weight, by causing it to go into a state of mild ketosis, which means switching from using carbohydrates as the main energy source to burning fats instead.
  2. More importantly, it reduces the size of your liver (to enable Dr Baxter better access to your stomach during your surgery) and prepares you to create healthier eating habits post-op.

Your bariatric dietitian will inform you of the duration of your individualised VLED diet prior to your commencement.

As a total meal replacement program, the Formulite® VLED diet also provides all the vitamins and minerals your body needs – improving your nutrition before surgery.


The night before

Time to fast

Bariatric surgery patients need to fast from midnight on the night before surgery. While some medication can be taken the morning of surgery, make sure you check with Dr Baxter which medications need to be ceased one week prior to surgery to help prevent complications.



Payment is required prior to surgery.

Our friendly team will take you through the payment process. If accessing your superannuation, it will be imperative that your application is submitted in plenty of time for approval. This can take up to four weeks.

Are you ready to find out more?

Call us today for a complimentary 30-minute consultation with our Bariatric Nurse Educator or one of our Bariatric coordinators.