At your first consultation with Dr Ian Baxter, the initial focus will be:

  • To learn more about your weight loss goals
  • To determine your suitability for different surgical procedures
  • To outline the advantages and disadvantages of all procedures for which you’re a suitable candidate
  • To make a recommendation on which procedure will be best for you
  • To discuss your expected outcomes from bariatric surgery

After your initial consultation with Dr Baxter, your Bariatric Nurse Educator will discuss your barium swallow and pathology, walk you through the process of applying for early release of superannuation on compassionate grounds (if applicable) and answer any questions you may have at this stage.

If after your initial consultation you are ready to continue your surgical weight loss journey, you will be asked to attend the clinic to have consultations with our bariatric dietitian and bariatric psychologist.

You will then have another appointment with Dr Baxter to answer any questions and sign your consent form. This process will help you to understand your nutritional needs and get into the right mindset to achieve long-lasting results.

We know that getting it right the first time is our best chance of success and our experienced team will guide you through the journey.

Telehealth Appointment

Appointments with our doctors and allied health professionals are available face-to-face or via Telehealth. Call today and we can arrange a Telehealth appointment with one of our team members.

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