Sunshine Coast Medical Weight Loss Centre’s New Beginnings package provides qualified support to guide and motivate you to make sustainable lifestyle changes post-surgery and to achieve your desired weight loss results and health goals.

The package includes:

  • Bariatric pack – everything you need to help you in your first month post-op
  • Ongoing care from the day of surgery, including numerous post-operative appointments
  • Access to a private Facebook support group
  • Quarterly e-newsletters with tips, tricks and advice on how to navigate your new tiny tummy
  • Access to ongoing support from our Bariatric Nurse Educator

Standard post-op appointments includes:

  • One week post-surgery: appointment with Dr Baxter
  • Two weeks post-surgery: appointment with bariatric dietitian
  • Seven weeks post-surgery: appointment with bariatric dietitian
  • Three months post-surgery: appointment with Dr Baxter and bariatric dietitian
  • Six months post-surgery: appointment with bariatric dietitian and psychologist
  • 9 months post-surgery: appointment with bariatrician GP
  • 12 months post-surgery: appointment with bariatric dietitian

Of course, if you experience any problems at any stage after surgery, you should contact the clinic immediately to make a time to see the team. In such circumstances, there is no need to wait for your next scheduled appointment.

Beyond the post-op appointment schedule outlined above, between the 6 and 12-month mark, you are also encouraged to check in with one of our Sunshine Coast Medical Weight Loss Centre psychologists.

Beyond the first year, annual appointments with your dietitian are also recommended to ensure you are staying on track and reaching your health goals.

Mixed emotions about your procedure are not uncommon. Although your bariatric surgery results in an immediate reduction in food intake, maintaining a suitable diet and sufficient level of exercise can still be challenging for some going forward.

It’s important to discuss any challenges you’re experiencing with your dietitian, as they can help you achieve manageable change so you remain on track to reach your goals.

How does the team support patients throughout their journey?

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