By Sally-Anne Livock
Bariatric Dietitian

Bariatric surgery does not mean goodbye to carbs! 

It amazes me how often I hear “I don’t eat carbs any more”⠀

Carbs – whole grains, cereals, rice, pasta and noodles, and the potato family all supply essential nutrition. They are good sources of B vitamins, dietary fibre, folate and resistant starch .⠀

We now have clear evidence regarding the role carbs play in maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. We know that a healthy gut biome influences may facets of our health including reducing risk of cancers, helping fight inflammation and chronic disease as well as a great positive affect on our mental health – helping manage depression and affecting our happiness hormones.

Carbs help us feel good!

After Bariatric surgery the focus tends to be in on meeting protein requirements – unfortunately sometimes at the expense of carbs and too often I see diets devoid or with very limited carbs. ⠀

As I have mentioned before, Bariatric surgery should mean the end of dieting – all foods can be consumed and that includes a variety of carbs from whole grain bread and crackers to rice and pasta through to the potato family .

Initially when Portions are tiny it can be difficult to fit many carbs in – a whole grain cereal for breakfast (or as a snack – can add protein powder or ground nuts and seeds if you need a protein boost) is a great start – great for your bowels and many cereals are iron fortified as well! ⠀

Don’t avoid whole food groups- that’s dieting! ⠀

Use carbs as you would have before surgery – just in smaller proportions! Eat normally – just like you are not on a diet – because you are not!!

Time to stop the dieting and start enjoying food again!!

Cereals – Oats, AllBran, Weetbix hi fibre ⠀
Great way to add extra fibre !⠀

Breads ⠀
Wraps, tortillas, breads – toasted is often better tolerated in early phases and thinner less doughy breads tend to sit better in a tiny tummy ⠀

Crackers ⠀
Whole grain if you can – they just taste better !⠀

Rice and Pastas
All varieties are great – though I find brown rice is less gluggy and does have more fibre and thin noodles that are well cooked are better tolerated than thicker styles ⠀

Potato and sweet potato 
Cooked any way you like – just take care they are not too dry – often better served with a wet dish ie casserole or curry in the early phases ⠀

So start enjoying some pasta with your Bolognese!!⠀
Some rice with your curry

It may only be a teaspoon or two but – It will start you eating meals as they were designed to be eaten – Not the diet versions of the dish !!

Don’t worry you will still meet your protein needs – and your food will be a whole lot more fun – and it will help your heath and wellbeing.

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