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How much does it cost?

When you are considering your metabolic surgery, you need to be aware that there will be an out of pocket cost for your treatment. Your costs will vary depending on your type of procedure and also your level of health insurance.

Our commitment to you, is to achieve the best possible outcome from your surgery. As a result, we have a team approach to your surgery. Your surgery costs will include Dr Baxter’s fee, a surgical assistant fee & the anaesthetist fee. Additionally, there are consultation fees payable together with the dietetics package and a fee for your psychology assessment (pre-surgery).

Our team at The Sunshine Coast Medical Weight Loss Centre are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive and ongoing support.

There will be an out of pocket expense, after you have received your Medicare & private health insurance rebate for your weight loss surgery.

Will my private health insurance cover my surgery?

Having private health insurance is certainly encouraged when undergoing Bariatric procedures. Although private health insurance will cover a good portion of your surgical procedure, please keep in mind that all elective procedures incur out of pocket expenses.

Most health funds will charge a hospital excess (a fee payable on your hospital admission) as well as applying a 12-month waiting period prior to being able to use your insurance for your weight loss surgery.

We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance provider and check your level of cover. Please quote the following Medicare item numbers when you discuss your insurance levels:

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy 31575
  • Gastric Bypass 31572
  • Gastric Banding 31569

For a detailed breakdown of the out of pocket costs, please contact our team and they will happily email a copy to you for the surgery of preference.

If you do not have private health insurance, you can still undergo bariatric surgery. Please see below information with regards to this.

Can I still have weight loss surgery if I have no private health insurance?

Yes, however, we recommend that you have health insurance prior to considering weight loss surgery. Please note that we do not perform the Gastric Bypass on uninsured patients.

Our patients also have the option to access their Superannuation to cover the procedure. The team will be able to assist with this process.

Please contact the team if you wish to find out further information and pricing for surgery as an uninsured patient. 

Can I access my superannuation to assist with the cost of weight loss surgery?

Accessing Early Release of Superannuation to Fund Weight Loss Surgery

Insured and Uninsured patients can access Superannuation under compassionate medical grounds to pay for all out of pockets associated with weight loss surgery.

Who can apply for Early Release of Superannuation?

  • Patients undergoing a Gastric Sleeve/ Sleeve Gastrectomy, Lapband or Gastric Bypass procedure
  • Patients who have no other way to pay e.g. savings
  • Patients with adequate superannuation funds to access
  • Patients with a superannuation company that allow early release of super

I don’t have enough Superannuation; can I access another person’s?

Yes. In most cases you can also access the Superannuation of your spouse, partner, child or other dependant.

What will I need to access my Superannuation?

  • A MyGov account
  • An ATO account linked to your MyGov account
  • An application form completed by Dr Ian Baxter (supplied at your initial consultation)
  • An application form completed by GP. (Supplied by our rooms after your initial consultation)

What do I need to do before my consultation?

  • Call / Log in to the Superannuation fund and ensure you have adequate funds to access
  • Ensure your ATO account and Mygov is up to date

How long does it take to access Superannuation?

The entire process takes approximately 8 weeks to be approved and paid. Please keep in mind that there can be delays with approving your Superannuation with the Australian Taxation Office.

How soon can I book my surgery If I go through Superannuation?

Surgery is usually booked 6 weeks in advance. Payment is 2 weeks prior to surgery.

Can I pay for my surgery and then claim the money back from my Superannuation?

No, Early Release of Superannuation is for unpaid costs only.

Will the money I access from my superannuation be taxed by the Government?

Yes, the government does tax a certain percentage of the amount withdrawn. To clarify this further please contact the ATO on 13 28 61.

Will this affect my Centrelink benefits?

This may or may not affect any current payments you are receiving from Centrelink for the financial year. This will depend on your individual circumstances. Please contact the Department of Human Services if you would like more information.

Do I still need to complete an application if I have a self-managed account?

Yes, you will still need to complete an application as you will require approval from the ATO to access your superannuation funds.

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