Are you considering the affordability of weight loss surgery? The question is not merely about the financial aspect but rather whether you can afford to ignore your weight and health concerns any longer, putting yourself at risk of further health issues and a reduced life expectancy.

Despite the initial costs, bariatric surgery offers significant long-term savings in areas such as food, medication, and medical bills, providing comprehensive benefits for your financial, physical, and mental well-being.

Dr. Ian Baxter and his team are dedicated in supporting both insured and uninsured patients with a successful and enduring solution for a healthier life. Our inclusive surgery packages ensure our patients have ongoing support, including the 12-month New Beginnings Program. This program facilitates sustainable lifestyle changes through bulk-billed visits with Dr. Baxter and follow-up appointments with our team of bariatric GPs, dietitians, and psychologists.

To obtain an estimate of the surgery cost with Dr. Baxter and his team, we recommend reaching out to us, as the expenses depend on factors such as insurance coverage, the specific procedure, and the option of utilising superannuation.

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Dr Ian Baxter and his team offer support and care for both insured and uninsured patients.

Your costs will vary depending on the type of procedure and your level of health insurance. Please be aware that there will be an out-of-pocket gap for your treatment following the Medicare rebate and any health insurance rebates.

You may be eligible for early release of your superannuation to cover these out of pocket expenses. Visit this link to find out more:

To support you in sustainable lifestyle change, our unique 18-month New Beginnings Program comprises bulk billed visits with Dr Baxter, and multiple follow-up appointments with our team of bariatric GPs, dietitians and psychologists.

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