Tiny Tummyz – Post op support

Tiny Tummyz Lunchbox

Tiny Tummyz is a local company on the Gold Coast who provide Bariatric patients with freshly prepared food for their post-surgery phases. Here at the Sunshine Coast Medical Weight Loss Centre, we are big fans of their business and the support they provide post operatively to our patients and the WLS community.

Here is their story!

Rachael and Laura (who have both had weight loss surgery) both loved the fact that they could order a few of these small dishes and not be left with a massive amount of wasted food at the end of their meal (as well as the obligatory “was there something wrong with your meal” comments from the wait staff).

Their conversation went from “wouldn’t it be great to run a restaurant that openly catered for WLS recipients?” to “wouldn’t it be even better to devise a meal plan delivery service for WLS patients, so that they don’t end up throwing away the vast majority of the food they have bought?”. And so, Tiny Tummyz was born.

Over the following months, Laura and Rachael carefully researched bariatric dietary recommendations and tested hundreds of dishes to develop a varied, tasty and nutritionally sound range of meals, designed to support WLS patients in their post-operative stages.

And on the 28th February 2018, Tiny Tummyz was launched.

Although immensely important, Tiny Tummyz’ mission is to not only support and assist bariatric patients in their weight loss and nutrition goals. It is Laura and Rachael’s dream, to see the stigma associated with weight loss surgery quashed.

Weight Loss Surgery, is not, as many perceive “an easy way out”, it is and should be acknowledged as, a life-saving treatment. Obesity is the leading cause of multiple serious and life-threatening conditions, from diabetes to cardiovascular disease as well as a precipitating factor in many other conditions, including infertility and mental health issues. Weight Loss Surgery needs to be recognised as an effective treatment for these conditions, instead of being stigmatised as “an easy way out” of dieting, or as a cosmetic procedure, as it so often is perceived.

Working in conjunction with bariatric surgical teams, independent dieticians and psychologists as well as local cafes, restaurants and of course their wonderful customers, Tiny Tummyz continue to focus on their message of WLS being accepted as “normal” in society.

If you want to know more and see their incredible menu options for each phase, please go to the website below.



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