Bariatric Nurse Educator

Tash is a Bariatric Nurse Educator and graduated from USC University with a Bachelor of Nursing Science and has worked in both the community and private practice having gained extensive experience working with people in the mental health, drug and alcohol addiction, General Practice, aged care and NDIS sectors.

Tash takes a very holistic approach when working with patients and understands that each person is individual, and she is acutely aware of each person’s different needs, expectations and life experiences. Tash works closely with Dr Baxter and his patients in conjunction with the multi-disciplinary team to achieve optimal outcomes for people who may be considering or who have had weight loss surgery. She has an extensive understanding and real lived experience with the bariatric surgery journey, as she underwent weight loss surgery in 2022 and is very approachable and open to answering any questions you may have with her experience.

As part of Tash’s role, she will co-ordinate and support you pre and post-surgery and will continue to provide outstanding support throughout your weight loss journey of discovering the new you.

When not at work, Tash loves 4WD beach drives, getting back to nature, attending to her beautiful Zen garden and sitting by the bay where she lives and enjoying the peace and tranquillity.

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