Do I need to modify my diet prior to the surgery?

Yes. You are required to have a very-low-calorie diet, VLCD, (Formulite/Optifast or similar) before bariatric surgery. This helps to reduce the size of the liver, which facilitates a safer and more effective operation. The diet is required for up to 2 weeks prior to surgery. Your dietitian will give you your VLCD instructions and our administration staff are well versed in helping you navigate your way through this pre-operative phase.

I live remotely… can I do a telehealth conference?

Yes. Telehealth consultations are available for patients who live in our remote areas. It is intended for new and existing patients who live in remote areas. Please contact our rooms for further information.

What pre-operative tests do I require?

We need to ensure that we have all the relevant information we require prior to your surgery. Standardly, we require routine blood tests and a radiology examination, called a Barium Swallow (an x-ray to help us examine the digestive system and your oesophagus).

Do I Need a Referral from my General Practitioner

Yes. You require a referral from your GP. This will allow you to claim a Medicare rebate for your consultations and surgery.